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Springdale Updates

Wye Valley Jams, Chutneys, and Marmalades are Springdale’s products!

Seville Orange Marmalade

We have a lovely range of freshly made jams, chutneys and marmalades made wherever possible from our own fruit and veg, or sourced locally. See availability list at the foot of this page.

These are available to buy directly from us. They make a lovely gift at any time of year. They can be collected from us, or posted to you or any friend or relative

You may buy online via Facebook (message us Springdale Produce) @springdaleproduce


Mobile 07752150103 speak to Deb Stuttard

Introducing our range of jams

SpringdaleProduce have a lovely range of jam, chutneys and marmalades. If you’re stuck for a present, this could be an idea! Here are a few photos of some our jams to begin with. They are all made from our own produce wherever possible or locally sourced.

Chuckleberry Jam

  • These can be ordered for collection
  • Delivered to you if you are local to Monmouth
  • Sent by post to you or a specified person (prices below)

Prices are £3 for each product (no gift box) or £4.50 gift wrapped

Old Indian Chutnee

We have a delicious new chutney! It’s new but it’s old, very old, 250 year old recipe! Found in a book written in 1935! Then it was over 150 years old. £3 a jar or gift wrapped £4.50 plus postage. Old Indian Chutnee is zesty and citrusy, perfect with cheese. A delicious new ‘old’ flavour! Taste the past!

Royal Mail prices : Prices November 2020

  • First Class for 1 or 2 jars please add on £3.70
  • 2nd Class for 1 or 2 jars, please add on £3.10
  • Signed for add on £4.70
  • For 3 jars (gift boxes packed flat)
  • 1st class add on 5.57
  • 2nd class add on 3.10
  • Signed for add on 6.57
  • 4 jars or more, DHL service, starts at £6.55 door to door service, very cost effective for a larger quantity.

Payment by PayPal or bank transfer please or cash accepted when collecting or on home delivery. Email: to order

Or message on Facebook @springdaleproduce

Thank you for your interest

Availability List


  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry                                                       
  • Blackcurrant                                                    
  • Chuckleberry (£3.50)  
  • Gooseberry
  • Just Rhubarb                                                           
  • Rhubarb +Vanilla                                                             
  • Strawberry and Rhubarb
  • Strawberry and Gooseberry                                          
  • Loganberry
  • Damson                                                            
  • Plum (various types of plum)                                               
  • Aronia Berry (limited stock)                                                 
  • Greengage                                                                             

Marmalades (220g)

  • Seville Orange                                                       
  • Three Fruit                                                                                 
  • Pink Grapefruit and Orange                                                     
  • Orange and Rhubarb                                                         

Chutneys (190g)

  • Classic Apple                                                           
  • Spiced Apple                                                                         
  • Cherry Tomato                                                                      
  • Spicy Tomato                                                                         
  • Rhubarb and Chilli Relish                                                         
  • Red Gooseberry and Pear                                              
  • Caramelised Onion and Pepper                                         
  • Plum Chutney                                                                     
  • Spiced Beetroot and Orange                                           
  • Old Dowerhouse Chutney                                                 
  • Spiced Green Tomato                                                  
  • Old Indian Chutnee (250 year old recipe)                          
  • Totally Tomato (limited stock)                                      
  • Spiced Onion and Apple                                                   

Springdale’s Chilli Jams

  • Sweet Chilli Jam
  • Hot Chilli Jam                                                                        
  • Fruity Plum Chilli                                                           
  • Fiery Chilli
  • Chilli Marmalade                                                         

Marmalade Season 2019

Marmalade 2019img_0330

Delicious new season Seville Oranges have been transformed into Springdale Produce’s tangy, fruity marmalade.  We have been selling it at Usk Farmer’s Market, which takes place every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.



All our labels are newly designed with the the Springdale logo, our lovely Magnolia tree, and Wye Valley Jam with the variety named below.  Available to buy from us, or at Leaf Creative, Huntley Garden Centre, Huntley, GL19 3EX or from The Pantry, St Briavels, GL15 6TA




Springdale Success at Usk Show 2018

Our entries into the Usk Show this year were very successful


Clip from Monmouthshire Beacon

Here’s a selection of our Prize Winning Jams and Cakes

Bara Brith


July 2018

Lettuce, tomatoes, chillis and peppers being grown in here at the moment

Tomatoes are just starting to ripen

Variety – Sweet Aperitif

Freshly picked

Lettuce, tomatoes, Jalapeño chillis

Courgettes from the fields

August 2018

Update on the polytunnel

Left side

Right side


Rosette Apple

The Rosette Apple – A beautiful early season apple

Rosette is a bright red early season apple, with an amazing rosette-like pattern of marbled pink or red flesh that is revealed when you cut the apple open!

The flesh does not brown (oxidise) that quickly either so it can be used to add an interesting colour to savoury or fruit salads. It was a good choice of apple tree and although only in its third year has a good crop in 2018.


Planted last year, 2017, this is the first year (2018) for picking our loganberries.

They look like raspberries but the fruit is a little longer and firmer. The loganberry is a raspberry x blackberry hybrid with quite a tart flavour which is ideal for cooking or jam.

The fruit is a sharper than a raspberry but makes delicious jam which sets in minutes.

A jug full of loganberries can be turned into three of these lovely jars of jam!

French Beans

French bean seeds were planted towards the end of May, and potted on, planting into well manured ground on 8th June 2018,  In 6 weeks these were ready to start picking.

Three varieties of French Beans are ready for picking.

Purple Queen at the top, Saxa on the right, and Kinghorn Wax on the left.

Saxa variety – 10lbs picked so far (21.7.18), 5lbs now blanched and frozen, the rest have been eaten! The Dwarf French bean ‘Saxa’ (Phaseolus vulgaris) is a strong variety that seems to give a good crop and can be harvested early.  The Kinghorn Wax (Phaseolus vulgaris) is also an early to late, stringless, dwarf French bean, but a lovely yellow in colour. 2lbs of these so far (21.7.18).  The Purple Queen, dark purple in colour, turns green on boiling.  However this seems to be a later variety and the pods are still developing.


The weather this summer, 2018 has been so hot. Our crop of blackcurrants has been good but the older blackcurrant bushes have produced currants of a much smaller size. All of the bushes have been grown from cuttings from our bush in Eaglesham, Scotland where we previously lived.

6lbs of blackcurrants picked

Springdale Blackcurrant Jam


Broad Beans

Broad beans were planted late this year, April 16th 2018.  The ground was very wet.

Aqua dulce is the variety.

A lot of slug pellets were needed around the emerging plants.  Also to try and keep the black fly off they were covered in fleece.

Date of photo of beans covered in fleece.- 28th May 2018 – Hoops and garden canes were used to hold the fleece above the plants and pegged down along the edges.

Broad beans ready for picking and podding

July 14th 2018

Ready for the pot! And some to be blanched and frozen. 10lbs in total of podded beans.