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Day 8 – Friday 8th July

Friday 8th July – Day 8

Concrete filling

‘Before’ pictures

‘During’ pictures

Gate had to be removed

Gate off

Pipes laid for pumping concrete

Concrete pump started up

Trenches being filled

More concrete arriving

Levelling concrete to peg height

More concrete filling

more concrete filling

Tapping out air bubbles and smoothing

Finishing off and creating a working area

‘After’ Pictures

Finished Foundations

A great morning’s work!




Day 3 – Digging out resumes

Friday July 1st

Weather forecast was correct.  Lots of very heavy rain over the past 2 days.

State of play after today’s work is shown in the photos below.

Large pieces of concrete found in ground needed a jackhammer drill to break them up into moveable chunks

Ramp to garden and fields

View of trenches so far from patio